Meeting with the Writer, Painter and Publisher Źmicier Višnioŭ

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Anglo-Belarusian Society invites its members and friends to a meeting with the writer, painter and publisher Źmicier Višnioŭ on Saturday 28 September at 4pm in the premises of the Association of Belarusians in Great Britain, 52 Penn Road, London N7 9RE (nearest tube station: Caledonian Road on the Piccadilly Line).

Mr Višnioŭ will present and talk about his latest novel Zamak pabudavany z krapivy (Castle built of nettles) and the plans of his publishing firm ‘Halijafy’.

Višnioŭ’s startling entry into the Belarusian literary scene in the mid-1990s was as a member of the avant-garde movement ‘Bum-Bam-Lit’, a group that set out deliberately to break with the established canons of Belarusian literature.

In his Writing in a Cold Climate, Arnold McMillin describes Višnioŭ in these words: “[He] appears to be something of a Peter Pan figure, producing a cascade of colourful sounds and images…”

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