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Our Society has a long history and is proud to have survived through difficult times and to flourish at better times. You would be surprised to learn how many devoted friends we have; people who are genuinely interested in Belarusian culture and history.

British-Belarus relations go back centuries, and we are all discovering more and more historical ties between the two countries. The Society was founded in 1954 and immediately attracted quite a number of distinguished personalities. Our main goals have always been to promote the Belarusian people, their history and their culture in Great Britain as well as to assist the development of British-Belarus relations. Our activities include lectures, political discussions, music and poetry, theatre, viewing of Belarusian movies, folk festivals etc. We do our best to insure that our events are as enjoyable as they are educational.

We would welcome anyone with an interest in Belarus to our Society, which is a club of friends rather than anything else. We are grateful to those who dedicate their time, energy and enthusiasm to the Society but would also welcome new people, new ideas and different projects.

If you are connected with Belarus or have any interest (cultural, charitable, political, business or academic ) in Belarus, you are welcome to join the Society and participate in its activities. As a member you will be receiving information relating to the Belarusian life in the UK as well as invitations  to the events organised by the Society.

To join the Society please complete the application form and email it to mail @ absociety.org.uk