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Alan Flowers

Alan Flowers was introduced to Belarus, Belarusians in Britain and the Anglo-Belarusian Society by Vera Rich, in 1992, in connection with his academic interests in Chernobyl. He led the academic cooperation between Kingston University London and what later became the International Sakharov Environmental University in Minsk between 1992-2004. In 2002 this University awarded him an Honorary Doctorate in Radioecology. In 1998 he founded the Belarus country organisation of the pan-European youth NGO “European Youth Parliament (EYP)”, and facilitated its parliamentary debate educational activities from then until 2014, and retains an active interest in EYP Since 1995 he has enabled a wide range of cultural visits to the UK by Belarus theatres, artists and musicians, mainly to several Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. He is the executor of the will of Vera Rich.

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