The Second Annual London Conference on Belarusian Studies (25 February 2017)

UCL Institute of Education

UCL Institute of Education, the conference venue

On Saturday 25 February the Second Annual Conference on Belarusian Studies will take place at the University College London.

It is organised by the UCL School of Slavic and Eastern European Studies, the Ostrogorski Centre and the Belarusian Francis Skaryna Library and Museum.

The speakers from Belarus, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, the United States and other countries will come to London to present and discuss Belarus-related research. This full-day conference which will take place at the UCL close to Russell Square Station.

The panels will cover Skaryna’s work & legacy, problems of Belarusian national identity, foreign policy of Belarus & comparative politics, social & political movements, language and literature. Selected papers from the conference will be published in the Journal of Belarusian Studies

The main conference will be followed by the Annual Lecture on Belarusian Studies delivered by Dr Ales Susha, Deputy Director of the National Library of Belarus, Chairman of the International Association of Belarusian Language and Culture Specialists.

All those who are neither conference moderators nor speakers who wish to attend the conference must register online as guests. Guests will be encouraged to make a small donation of £5-10 to help offset the costs of the event.

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